Know How

If someone asked you if you knew how to speak Spanish; could you answer that you did, if you had to look up words in a dictionary? I think the same goes for programmers. If they tell you they can program and you put them in front of a computer and say, "Ok, create a guestbook in against an SQL Server and do the layout in CSS without using tables." They should be able to right if of course they know those technologies.

How about someone that says they're a cook but needs to look up every ingredient, cooking times, temperatures, etc...My mom could whip something up and just knew what to do in no time, or so it seemed. Wish I had watched her make those enchiladas, tamales, chile rellenos, and everything ranchero.

He said that I should be able to cook if I applied what I know about programming to cooking since they were similar. Following steps, and applying how things relate to each other but that I didn't need to be as exact in cooking. I thought about it for a second and he seemed to have a point.

This all started with a conversation with someone that had a degree in math and needed to look up all the formulas. Geez, I could do that. I gave him a hard time about it but he paid for lunch so I didn't rib him too much.

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