Spaghetti Dinner

Breakfast in the morning, visit some friends, get gas, shopping with a friend, play a new game, and make spaghetti with garlic bread for dinner. It didn't sound like a lot but we were tired by the end of the day.

I finally found a cap that fits my head. With the softball season just about to start, I had been looking for some shade for my head! Like a geek, I wore it out the store so that I could get used to it since I haven't worn anything before. I felt self conscience about it but got used to it really quick. Let's see how much I get teased about it when I hit the softball fields. Oh, also got some thin gloves for running when it's cold.

The spaghetti turned out good and I couldn't tell it was the first attempt. I had made a comment that spaghetti was just glorified top ramen noodles with some meat and sauce. Still hit the spot for the moment. Let the harder experiments begin with the new recipes that I've found.

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