Coffee and Tea

A friend called me this morning and asked if I wanted to have lunch with her. She mentioned that she had found a new place and wanted to take me there. Sure! A very nice day for a little lunch stroll.

I get down there and park in my usual spot and we walk to the "Brick Yard Coffee and Tea." I've seen it many times as I've walked by during my lunch breaks through out the years but this time we walked in.

I got treated to lunch and we found a little table and chatted for a bit. We were told that our order would be ready in 15 minutes and we looked at the art and enjoyed each others company until the order arrived. It was yummy! I had to rush her back to work so that she wouldn't get in trouble for the "extended" lunch but we've planned to head back there when there aren't time constraints.

So, what place have you passed a million times that you haven't gone into?

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