You are your memories

Everyone has them. Get a group together on an event and things begin to change about what happened. What's the story behind that, huh?

I have always felt that there is what happened, how you stored the memory, and then how you interpret the memory.

It's all a 'frame of mind.' Here's an example: Alice calls Bob on his cell phone and asks how things are going. Bob responds that things are good and that he'll be going to the gym.

Simple right? Well, if Bob is upset with Alice then the memory is stored as Alice is spying on me and checking up on me. But then again, if she doesn't call, Alice is neglecting him. If things are peachy, then 'Awww. Alice cares about me and is thinking about me. :)'

Sometimes memories are 'replayed' in your brain's photoshop center and saved once again. Why? well, because now it's more interesting and a better story to tell.

I've listened to someone tell a memory that was completely different than what happened. I was the neutral party, so I stored it as an event that a friend had told me. The meat and potatoes of the story was there but things were altered such as how many, day, and who, and meaningless tidbits that didn't need to be changed.

These are just my observations . . . But if you are your memories, then which do you live by? The actual ones or the altered ones?

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