I found my memories!!!

I've been taking photos since I was in sixth grade with my little kodak 110 automatic nothing camera. I saved up from cans and bottles to buy the thing on my own for sixth grade camp. My dad had one of those polaroid instant b/w and then later color cameras. I have tons of faded photos in a tote in the garage and in 1997 decided that I would scan them into a digital format.

The process was going smooth and I decided on a naming format that I still use to this day - YYYYMMDDXXX.jpg. I adjust the XXX based on how many of course and place them into a folder matching the date and then add a description to the folder. Then I got into the digital world and started off with my Kodak DC260, DC280, and then stuck with my trusty DC290 for several years until I got my Canon Digital SLR in 2002.

Now, the photos really started to pile up. For some reason I seem to keep the bad photos too. You know - the blurry foot, eyeball, head turning sideways. They were all saved onto my HD and then got transferred on an external drive with blue and pink lights. Looks cool! But it stopped working.

Today I figured since it was broken, that trying to fix it wouldn't do any harm, right? It would turn on and spin. The computer could read it but then a transfer would fail. I looked at the cable and noticed one pin missing. I don't have any replacements so I buy a cable and all my photos and videos appear from 1997-2005. Woohoo. Now to burn them before the drive craps out! lol

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