Chargers lose to Patriots 24-21

Did you watch the game? It was a nail biter for sure - Let's see what mistake someone will make next. The Chargers have nobody to blame but themselves. They had many opportunities to outright win the game. Dropped interceptions, muffed catches, dropped balls, stupid penalties, bad coaching with respect to the challenge of a call, etc...

It's not the 'Marty Curse.' Should he be fired? Nope. I don't like that they blame the manager because some players made some errors. Of course a sacrificial lamb is expected and heads must roll, and the finger pointing has begun. The Chargers just picked the wrong time to mess up. They had a good season 14-2. But it was a big disappointment and everyone expected more, read "Superbowl" ring. Now, the only thing left is the always favorite - 'Wait 'till next year!"

The unsportsmanlike conduct at the end was not something to be proud by either side. It was unacceptable but understandable given the circumstances.

BTW, I predicted that we would lose by a field goal and that five seconds would be remaining when that happened. I was off by two seconds.

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