City of Lard

I drove to the nearby city of "Manteca," which translates directly to LARD in Spanish. I wonder who came up with that one.
I ordered the fajita trio and Heather had some boneless buffalo wings for dinner. This was actually one of the first times that we had room for dessert. Here's the "Chocolate Molten Lava Peak." Nobody said we're on a diet or anything. We can start that up again when we get back from Nationals. :)
After we got back, the adults played cards, socialized, or just watched flat screen TV in the lobby. Some of the kids played cards, others were in the room playing PS2, or just doing girly things.
The girls are all in bed as they have registration tomorrow, and practice following that. Good night everyone.


Arlene said...

Mmmmm, Lard!! ;-)
You are making me hungry though!

Arlene said...

I love your new profile pic by the way :-D