Down At the Bay.

Work Building on BayToday was a really slow day down by the bayfront. That's a photo of my work location. It was the perfect tourist day and I saw a lot of them walking around the piers and taking the little cruises. As I was waiting for my lunchdate, I saw some pedicabs cruising around and they kept asking me if I wanted a ride. I said no but stopped a couple to see if they would answer some questions.

Fernanda the Pedicab Girl
I asked Fernanda how much she charged and she immediately said, $5.AJ the Pedicab Guy00, even for just taking my picture! LOL. I could tell she was a ham. I asked them both a bunch of questions. Seems Fernanda makes more money on the bay because she's wearing short-shorts. AJ makes more money on the hour tours and the hilly rides.
Just as I was asking AJ some questions, we saw a guy taking a picture of one of the pedicab girls rear end as she was pedaling he was the customer enjoying the view. Fernanda knows they do that and she says maybe it will get her a better tip. Seems like this is the best time for making money and they really don't fight for the customers except when the younger foreigners compete and get upset when they (foreignors) don't get "fares." Some pedi's have blankets, boomboxes. and other gimmicks to set them apart. AJ says that the first week his legs were completely wasted and he was sore especially after the gay pride parade.

Esther the Lunch LadyWell, after I interviews I stopped by the "roach coach" and they The Gymmade one of my favorites: chilaquiles with carne asada topped with an egg. It's not on the menu but they take care of me! :) That's Esther asking me if I'm buying lunch for both of us!
My friend says that after eating with her that we need to head to the gym. I;ve always liked the play on words here. They are moving the gym to inside the main building later but for now it's on the pier. Always someone there that is willing to help out with the work out.

I love DexterThe comic-con is in town this weekend and I think the following sign was drumming up support for the show Dexter on showtime. Yesterday, I got teased for reading this sign out loud and the ladies asked, "Is that why you don't have a girlfriend? haha"
Later on, I headed to Fry's and purchased the JVC GZ-HD7 with 60GB. It's charging now, so Heather and I will play with it on our trip to Stockton tomorrow!
Interesting email subject line: ASAP TODAY ASAP AS IN NOW. This is in regard to contract that I need to get my information in for. Well, I thought it was funny. :)

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