Preparing for a trip

My car getting oil changedI wanted to get everything ready today for the trip tomorrow to Lancaster for the State Championships. One thing that I've put off is the oil change, but I had $10 off discount plus my little punched card thing so I took my trusty vehicle in.

I get a window cleaning and vac with the oil change but I prefer they not do the windows since they just kind of smear the dirt around. I'll take care of it when I wash the car at home and do my own windows.
I listened to Heather's iPod and shot random pictures while I waited for them to finish and headed off to the next thing on the list: EAT! The three month, three thousand mile thing is just too soon for me. Don't bother to put that little sticker on my window please! :)

Every when do you change your oil?

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Arlene said...

I normally do every 5,000 miles, and I get my tires rotated and oil changed at the same time. Then I go and have it washed. My car is so happy with me at the end of the day :-)