Dinner at IHOP

Heather Drinking Water Our Waitress - Charmaine We went to IHOP down the block and our waitress was Charmaine. I had breakfast for dinner and Heather had some chicken strips, but she got too many.

A group of three women had a monster laughing attack at the table next to us and just couldn't stop laughing. Heather and I just looked at them and they started speaking in Spanish. I asked them, "Algo paso muy chistoso?"

They busted out laughing even more. It surprised them that I spoke Spanish and were tearing up and then they went about their eating. As you can see, Heather was having trouble finishing off her cold water, so I took a photo.

Free Funnel CakeOoops, Charmaine made a mistake
My Breakfast Dinner
and somehow some funnel
cake ended up on our table :) Darn. I hate when that happens. Heather decided that it was time to "share" my funnel cake with her. She doesn't like whip cream so it ended up on the side.

What's your favorite place to eat out?


JYankee said...


deafknee said...

what is funnel cake?

ira said...

I love MOETS. The sushi and italian restraunt in it.

Peter said...

I just feel hungry
Blessings to both,

Lynn said...

What did you say to the girl to pose for you?

MB said...

Alejandros in Eastlake...but besides that we love Red Robin!!! :)