Good Morning!

Me: May I have the current access code for the internet, please?
Front: It's 489...[pause] Do you know X?
Me: Yes, I do.
Front: They left a message and didn't want to disturb you because they knew you were probably tired. They are on their way and will arrive a little before noon.
Me: Thank you! Was that the full code?
Front: I'm sorry, it's 4891. Can I help you with something else?
Me: No thank you. I appreciate the personalized voicemail :)
Me: [Punch in the code. Invalid code: 12 characters required]

I figured it out even in my half dazed state. I slept well though, but Heather's totally zonked. It's pitch black in here so you really can't tell the time but I know I have to wake her up shortly for breakfast! Hasta folks!

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