Random Couple

Many times when I'm out and about, I people watch. If I see couples, then I wonder how long they have been together and try to guess. Sometimes if a friend is with me, I ask them to play along with me and see who could get closer to the actual time. Of course this involves someone actually asking the couple and that would be me.

Diego and Alejandra kissingToday, I was out by my lonesome and I spotted Diego and Alejandra. Complete strangers, but I snapped this photo of them in the restaurant. I originally guessed weeks to myself since they were very playful, and affectionate.

Diego saw me and approached me. I introduced myself and shook his hand. He was intrigued by my camera and asked me a ton of questions. I asked him if I could take more photos of them and he said that he didn't mind.

Before he left they stopped over by my table so that I could get some last photos. I put down what I was eating and picked up the camera that was sitting on the chair. Diego asked that I pose them but I told them to be themselves. Diego was ok, but Alejandra was kind of tense and stiff. I said, "I bet I can get you to smile!" She kind of looked at me with that I don't think so look but then I snapped one more photo. I showed it to them. Nothing fancy ... but they liked it. They've been together for two years. My second guess was 1-2 years.

Diego gave me his phone number so that I could schedule a photo shoot with them. It instantly reminded me of a time several years ago when my ex and I were shooting in La Jolla and I noticed a guy walking with his girlfriend. I got my trusty camera out and captured him proposing! They were so excited and ordered prints from us. I wonder how they are doing...


ira said...

Look cute! Kinda sweet to be two years down and still as affectionate. I hate the channges time bring into a relation.

Arlene said...

They're a very cute couple!