Golf Tournament

Golf Cart Races! The tournament was supposed to start at noon, but when I showed up ready to go, there was nobody there! I called up one of the teammoms and she was hustling ready to get over there. It had been moved back to 1:45 p.m. Yikes!

Everyone finally got checked in and I asked the country club guy if they would loan a cart to me so that I could zoom around and take photos. He throws me the keys and I'm off! Look at all the crazy golfers jetting down the paths. It was a shotgun start and half raced to the 5th hole to start.

The Coaches These are the coaches that lead our girls. Three out of the four only golf during this fundraiser. Can you tell which one does this more than once a year?

I saw some spider webs on some of the clubs as they were loading them onto the carts.

Nice puttNice putt, Armando! John answers with "Even a blind squirrel will stumble into an acorn every now and then!" :)

Nobody was supposed to laugh at each other's play but it's really hard not to when you hear the ball hit someone's house and the ball starts bouncing around the backyard. RUN!!!

High Five! This may keep your putter flat, but I don't think that it helped the scores! Don't hit the ball so hard! What you don't see is the little holes that this thing makes if you don't swing right.

The bunnies didn't move even as I zoomed right past them with my turbo cart. They were all over the place!!! Heather thought that I was going to run one over but I moved just in time.

I had a GPS in my cart with four cupholders but no horn? What's up with that? BTW, she did have to hold on several times. Like I said, we had a turbo cart.

Snacks/drinks anyone
The snack lady driving her "Booze Cart" Seriously, she can make you anything you want practically from that thing. I must have passed her up about four or five times today.

WaterfallFour years ago, I thought this was "Eastlake." We took some team photos on this hole and they came out pretty good! Everyone laughed at me about this for a while.

Having to stop "shooting" for each of the golfers to go through was a bummer, but we managed to get through it. I took several photos today for backdrops.

14U GirlsThe reason we had the golf tournament - The Girls. We raised a ton of money. Here, the girls are presenting the raffle items to the winners after the golfers ate their dinner. Even all the rose center pieces were raffled off. The silent auction went well. Pretty much if you bid on it, you got it!

I probably went around the golf course 4 times and had a good time. Our team moms did a good job in setting this all up - thanks!


Anonymous said...

Sounded fun, tho I can't play... I can throw the ball farther than I can putt it!

Sam said...

I saw a lot of golfers driving skills and thanks to mulligans they got to try again! :)

Arlene said...

Looks and sounds like a ton of fun :-D