Only One More Tournament

Bonita Valley 1st Place At first we weren't sure if there were going to be enough teams in Downey for our division, but we went to see some good competition before our final tournament of the year - Nationals.

The girls faced two teams that will be going to "the show." Those teams were South Huntington Beach and Downey. We had faced SHB at State and won 11-2, but this meeting was VERY close. It was 0-0 until the 7th. Bonita was home and with two outs, got a line drive to bring in the game winner, 1-0.

In the championship game, almost the samething. It was 0-0 through most of the game and then Bonita busted it open 5-0. The girls needed some good games and I spoke to the SHB coach and he said that he was looking forward to facing us again at Nationals.

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