Can I take your Order?

NachosDude: How much are nachos?
Clerk: $3.00.
Dude: OK. Give me a nachos with jalapeños.
Clerk: How many?
Dude: uh...about 10 or so.
Clerk: 12 Jalapeños. Napkins?
Dude: Yes.
Clerk: Will you be eating them here, or leaving the fields?
Dude: Huh? I'm watching a game.
Clerk: Here ya go. Is that it?
Dude: That's it.
Clerk: That'll be $13.00.
Dude: WHAT? You said they were $3.00!
Clerk: There is a "basket" charge of $1.00 to hold the nachos, $2.00 for the cheese, $2.00 for the Jalapeños, $1.00 for the napkins and a $2.00 on-site consumption fee.
Dude: You gotta be kidding? What if I eat it "off-site?"
Clerk: Still $2.00 because we have to charge you the "off-site" fee.
Dude: That is only $11.00 what is the last $2.00 for?
Clerk: My tip! I had to make the nachos for you. I provided a service by assembling the ingredients.
Dude: That's a huge rip-off. Nevermind, I don't want them anymore.
Clerk: I've already custom made your nachos for you. I can't take them back.

Well, it wasn't that bad. But they charged for the jalapeños and don't even think of asking for more ice in your cup! :) You want some nachos?


ira said...

lol! Hey! I thought you had an off till friday?? When did this happen??

Arlene said...

You are so silly!

Lynn said...

I feel like this at the movies.

MB said...

Is this a joke???? You've really got to be kidding...this didn't really happen, did it???

Sam said...

LOL...look at the label below the post. They did charge for the jalapenos. And everything there was expensive, though.