FearWe're experiencing a little downtime in the hotel right now and Heather and I are experimenting with the camera, video, etc...and I wanted to show her how lighting can affect the mood of the photo.

I came up behind her and got this picture...Can you tell it's a little dark in the room?

We found a "Blair Witch" type house VERY close by. Windows broken, weeds, trash, boarded up stuff, the usual abandoned house. Guess where we're going tonight with the full moon! I have the video camera all charged up and camera ready...Hope we make it back - safely.


Anonymous said...

eeew sam....creepy! ever think of going into horror movies???

Sam said...

That was kind of fun! :) She's not so up to the abandoned house tonight though!

Arlene said...

You guys are hilarious! Love the photo!
Blair Witch...that movie creeped me out!!