Fundraising at Petco Park

San Diego Petco Park The girls had a fundraiser tonight at Petco Park. We met at the high school and caravaned there. One of the moms asked if she could go with me and I agreed. We dropped off her car and left.

We dropped off the girls in the parking lot and let them do their thing. After that we got lost looking for a parking spot. We weren't about to spend $20 bucks on parking, and wandering around downtown when the streets are blocked off isn't fun. By the time we circled around, it was time to leave :)

Do you like going to sporting events?


Lynn said...

Petco is a cozy place to watch a game

Arlene said...

I love live sports!!!!

MB said...

I only like going if I have a parking pass...and if not, I pay the $20. I'm not about to wander around looking for a parking spot, I'd rather go home. Tonight I'm going to American Idols at Ipay One Center ---- I had that the parking there is like $10 now......very stupid...just for parking in the lot. :(