Self Portrait Time at Hotel

Heather and SamWhen we got to the hotel we decided that it was time to take some self-portraits. Here we are on the fourth floor just using natural light.

I was going to crop the lamp out but Heather wanted it to stay, so there it is! She's passed out right now on her bed, with FIVE pillows!

Sam ShueyHeather selected this one of me for my self-portrait for this tournament. I had no say in what photo to put up. She just said, "The one where you can see the camera, dad!"
Heather Sleeping
Her: How can I help you Sir?
Me: It appears as though we're experiencing a situation that would prevent us from thoroughly enjoying our stay at your establishment.
Her: How can we make your stay more pleasant?
Me: I believe five pillows would remedy the situation.
Her: [giggle in the background] I'll make sure that five pillows are brought up to your room immediately.
Me: Thank You! I appreciate your prompt attention to our needs!


ira said...

hmmm... nice

Mary Anne said...

there's a handsome man taken a photo of you. eek!

Sam said...

Thanks Mary Anne! That was really nice of you and you didn't even have to say that ;)

Sam said...

Ira: Thanks for stopping by and saying nice things :)

Anonymous said...

Dude.. is your face sunburned?

Sam said...

LOL...Yup! I forgot my cheesy hat, so I ended up getting racoon'd

Lynn said...

Being Handsome and gregarious are a deadly combination. Are you trouble?

Sam said...

Thanks. I've gotten a little flak for always running into people that know me and say "hi." But, my gf never had to worry.