Lancaster - Almost there!

We've been here an hour and it's 106 degrees "out there." Heather just hooked up the PS2 in our room and I brought all the games. Looks like Dave is going to do the "live" games so that people can watch our 14U team as they play. I'm glad we have an early A.M. game.

Hotel Essentials?

Check out the awesome "market" they have in the lobby. The absolute essentials that you'll need when you stay at a hotel, huh?

We're staying at the Marriott. Heather noticed the "Elite Member" key that they gave us but I'm sure everyone gets one. :) The wind has picked up and it's hot plus windy. It felt like when you open your oven, that little rush of hot air.

My Aunt and Uncle are driving down and should be here tonight for dinner. The last I checked they were supposed to be here around 7:00 p.m. Pacific.

What is missing from the "market" display?


ira said...

Can barely see it. But, the look of it tells me its a very worthless "MARKET"!!
Have fun! So, did they(ur uncle and aunt) reach on time?

Anonymous said...


Arlene said...

Every day when I walk outside I'm reminded why I want to move down by the beach :-P I don't like that whole oven thing we've got goin' on outside!