We're Here!

Crash on the I-5 Heather and I headed out at 9:00 a.m. this morning and went to visit a friend since I had promised her. We stayed an hour before we headed out. We got some lunch in Oceanside since it was the last stop before civilization! We kept trying to figure out why traffic was stopping for no apparent reason. Well, something happened on the OTHER side of the freeway/highway. Nothing at all on our side and we were not moving at all.

MunchiesWe decided that we needed some munchies and use the restroom so we stopped and bought a couple of things :) Can you guess which are mine and which are Heather's?

One of those was consumed immediately.

Bog of Eternal StenchHeather didn't last long after this and it was time for a power nap. As I was nearing our destination, I smelled the most foul stench. It wasn't until I drove a little further that I discovered the source - The mile of cows! It seemed like an endless mass of cows everywhere. Heather slept through the whole thing. Lucky her.

Let's go Dad!!!Heather knows her job and packed up our stuff to go to our room. Oh, we got here at 6:30 pm Pacific. It seems we have some baseball guys in the room next to us. One has Heather's number 9.

Nothing in that little cooler except water and sports drinks. We must bring the green blanket and black pillow. I'd be in trouble if I didn't bring them... ;)

Heather - the Sporty Girly GirlI brought the PS2 again with some new games for Heather but when she went down to drop off the cart, I noticed that half the power cord was missing. Damn. I looked up a Best Buy in the area and we zoomed down there. Just as we got into the parking lot, Heather spots a SONIC. Her eyes lit up, so I told her that I'd take her.

I bought the power cord and drove up to Sonic.

Welcome to Sonic It's been a year since I've been to a sonic (Nationals in Midland, Texas). Last year, I remember them taking forever to get our order for something really simple, but today the rollerblading girl got to us real quick.

Heather is throwing the Sonic frisbee in the hotel room, trying to hit me. :) I'm ready to zonk and she's all rested up and wanting to play her new games.

There doesn't seem like much to do here so we might go to the "Jelly Belly" Factory. Doesn't that sound exciting? Uh...didn't think so.

The temperature today was 106 F. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same!


JYankee said...

Oooh... I know that cow place...in the middle of nowhere isn't it??? Yeah...even if ya dont see the cows...ya know by the smell..somewhere out near bakersfield????

Sam said...

BINGO! I did see some farms and a bunch of squished critters on the road, too.

Arlene said...

I hate looky-loos!!!!
I've never been to a Sonic, and we have a brand new right by our house!