Team Photo Day

2007 Heather 14U Photo Today was team photo day and were told to go down to place that we hadn't been to before, near the Olympic Training Center. The girls started straggling in and Heather decided that she wanted me to take her photos instead of the person that was contracted to do so.

The lady took their photos and got upset (the look and comment made towards me) that I was there with my camera. I didn't take a team photo where she had set them up, but I moved them somewhere else. I got the manager's blessing so I was ok. We took several photos, and some "buddy" pix.

Here's the photo that I took of Heather after the "official" photos were taken. I haven't done anything to it yet so don't get all critical on me! :)

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(mb) said...

I love Heather's should be doing all the team photos...and individual pix. Way better than [?]