Skype Me!

Practice was short and the girls headed over to one of the girls house to design shirts for opening ceremonies up in Stockton. We already know who we play; a team that is near my folks.

Skype LogoToday was interesting in that I got to help out a novice set-Finally it works!up skype, and the webcam so that we could communicate. It was really an interesting process and I'm sure all you technical support people know that you have to describe everything on the screen to guide them. That sometimes doesn't work, but I've been doing this since I was 17 and when I'm about to get frustrated then I pretend they are teaching me something I have no clue about. We finally got everything working and I saw her smiling face on the screen. I think she's hooked. The funniest part was that she covered up the camera EVEN after the computer was off.

Do you get frustrated easily when trying to help someone if they don't understand?

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Arlene said...

I do, it's why I'm not a teacher...I try though. Patience is a virtue...
What is skype?