Altitude Softball Tournament

Big Bear Warm-ups
The girls warming up in the Big Bear altitude before our first game. I wanted to try running while they were doing this to see what effect the altitude would have on my breathing, but I emptied out the car when I got it smogged, ugh. I had forgotten to put these things back into the car. Another person wanted to run but told me that it was too hot and dry.

The girls played Big Bear and won 15-0 (mercy rule) and then played Riverside, 12-0. That was the end of pool play and tomorrow is the beginning of bracket. I think that Chino will be tough or should since they are ready for BV ball

Now, it's time to get ready for the BBQ and party at John's Cabin.

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Arlene said...

yeah, so we already know I missed this one too, right? Good. Just making sure you're keeping up; obviously I'm not ;-)