Sam Can't Braid Hair

Heather Left Field

Heather asked me to braid her hair and I could only get two little twists in it. Luckily, another team member helped her out! Breakfast was good and I had Heather bring up two bananas for the game.

The girls won both their games this morning (4-0, and 9-2). Heather did well, catching a fly in left field, and stealing some bases. Her coach had her "go slappy." She smacked it between the 3-4 hole, and easily beat out the throw. She gets excited when she gets to bat lefty...Heather being a slapper

Now, it's homework time, and they get 45 minutes of pool time at 6:00 p.m. We almost forgot her suit, but I went through the tournament must-have list and got one before we left. (we have photo)

We play at 2:15 p.m. tomorrow and hope to win three in a row to win this tournament. I think I'm in charge of buying the little rolls for the girls to have lunch. I'll have to get them before the game.


ira said...

I had my exams, just got free. I did login and read a few of your blogs but was always in a hurry so dint get time to leave a message!

Just wrote in my diary all these days, takes lesser time.

How're things at your end?

cya around!

Arlene said...

You can't braid? I thought everyone could braid should get a barbie and practice, that's how I learned :-)