The Weekend Starts Now!

I woke up waaay too early (4:02 a.m.) this morning and now I know that I'm gonna be a zombie this weekend. Practice was short and sweet, just batting practice, outfield, and fitness drills - only two hours today.

Gas was JUST 2.959 today. Don't ya hate how we're conditioned already to the high price? In Big Bear, I filled up my 18 gallons for 3.509 per gallon. I really didn't even notice; needed the gas so I filled it. Did the socializing thing and had a light dinner and one "drink." I found two "volunteers" to do the website & photos for when I'm gone.

Tomorrow is a busy day: Flying lesson then rush back, and Mariah's graduation/luncheon, then up to Vista to meet an old friend for dinner, get back and help with a computer problem, and then zonk so that I can wake up early to take my daughter to her game in Vista at 6:45 a.m.

San Antonio Sweep! It's not "King James'" time yet!

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Arlene said...

Embedded player? Don't see it hun.
I know what you mean about the gas...I get excited when it's down to $3.00!! Sad really!