New Car Features

The dealer tried to sell me a car today. It's been seven years exactly since I bought my car and he wanted me to trade in my old Pathfinder. He walked around my car and said that I took good care of it, and he couldn't believe how old it was. He pointed out that the new Pathfinders have:
  • GPS dash
  • Phone in steering wheel
  • iPod, Media jacks, Hard Drive
  • Compact Flash input
  • His and Her temperature control
  • Proximity keyless entry
  • Live Traffic Updates
  • Passenger sensitive airbag smarts

He told me that he would throw in a mountain bike and a customized 10'x10' tent for MY NEW PATHFINDER. That I could drive it off the lot NOW. LOL. Talk about the hard sell, huh?

How do I get out of this easily? I just say, "I don't think the wife would let me spend her money without having her here." He gets the hint.


deafknee said...

i wouldnt mind a mountain bike!!!
and seven years! good job you!

Lynn said...

The iPod jack, that's what I need.

Arlene said...

LOL, your nose grew 4 inches!!!

Sam said...

He doesn't have to know I'm not married. Too bad I got rid of my caller ID, huh?