Two Girls Moving Up

Congratulations are in order for two young ladies today. The first to Mariah. I've known this young lady since she was three and amazed at how fast the time has passed. I remember getting a father's day card Mariah and Heatherfrom her a billion years ago saying, "I love you, you treat me just like a daddy." Now she's all grown up!

Mariah graduated from High School today and is on her way to Oklahoma State University (All tuition paid - Softball Scholarship). I'm sure she can't wait to start playing "college ball!" So what is she and her dad doing tomorrow? Yup, going up to Lancaster, Ca. to try to qualify for the 18 & Under Gold National Championships.

The second is my kiddo. The countdown has reached ZERO, and Lil' Miss Heather is on to the 8th Grade! But she reminds me that being 5'1.5" is not little nor can she be called "Shorty." We have to come up with a new nickname for Her. Now, I'm sure that the countdown to High School has started.
I love you tons! Be ready to leave at 5:30 a.m. and give me 100% this weekend up in Vista!

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Arlene said...

2 very purty girls that kick some major ass!!!!
Congrats again to both of them :-)