iPhone Mania

Here we go again! The last time was for the PS3 (flop) but from all the reviews this one might live up to the hype ala iPod. I'm just curious as to how many people that are in line to buy one will actually keep it versus eBay.
Are you going to get an iPhone?


Ken said...


Oh, did I just say iPhone four times? I'll prolly get myself an iPhone! :D

Anonymous said...

NO!!! Not that I'm not interested...just that Japanese cell phones pretty much do all that and more...(Sound snobby don't I...)

The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh I live in Oregon, no coverage here, so I can pretend that I want one so badly and blame AT&T for having a bad service! HA!
Found you through JYankee, btw, bird poops are supposed to be GOOD LUCK right? :)

Sam said...

I'm not sure about the good luck thing. Is it supposed to occur instantly or some kind of delay?

I got pooped on while on my lunch break one day so I'm still waiting for that good luck.

Arlene said...

Eh, I love my Nokia...but then again, I'm a Nokia girl through and through!

michele said...

when they switch to verizon.

AG said...

I'm planning to buy this thing .... seems too good to be missed! But I guess I'll prolly use very few features of this fone newez!